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ABA Covid-19 Bulk Supplier Verification Scheme

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There is no business mechanism which can identify due to Covid-19 whether your supplier business is still in operations.
Under Business ABA Covid-19 Scheme you can instruct all supplier to register for Business ABA Number.
Based on verification by our team Business ABA Number will be assigned with business status.

Get Business ABA Supplier Web API integrated with your core ERP Systems.


Bulk Supplier Verification

  • Verify all your suppliers online
  • Know the updated supplier address & contact details
  • Give Business Contracts to Active Suppliers
  • Know status of any fraud/black listed suppliers
  • Verify your own business

Register For Bulk Supplier Verification

USD $ 100 Engagement Fees For Bulk Supplier Verification
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Name of the Company
Company Full Address
Your Name
Phone Number
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What is Engagment Fees ?
ABACert will charge your suppliers for Business ABA Number. Engagment fees is just to allot ABACert Account Manager to your company.